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You are most welcome here, wherever you are on your ethical journey. Whether you are only just dipping your toes into a more ethical way of living or you are a zero waste queen, there is no judgement - only advice and inspiration. 

This is a place where you will find ideas about living more simply; treading lightly on our precious planet.

I am passionate about inspiring people to make wellness and happiness a priority in their life, whilst having the smallest impact on the earth that is possible.

My aim in creating this site is to provide others (YOU!) with the tools and guidance to live your best life whilst considering the footprint you leave behind on the earth.

Keep reading down below to learn more about minimalism - the concept of living with less (but better), or select the blog from the drop down above to start delving into some juicy posts :)

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What is minimalism?

There are a lot of preconceptions about what being a 'minimalist' is. There are also a lot of different interpretations of the term 'minimalist'. Here's mine.


Some think that minimalists are a bit odd or a bit boring. But becoming a minimalist does not mean you have to live in an empty white space and never buy anything ever again. Minimalism is full of colour and life. It is the freedom to do as you please because your belongings and finances aren't weighing you down.


To become a 'minimalist' all you must do is be very conscious about the things you buy and own so that every item you have has a justifiable place in enhancing the life that you want to live. You own just what you need and nothing more. For that reason, minimalism looks different for everyone, because everyone has different interests and priorities in life. Some minimalists will own a lot more than others but if everything they own serves a purpose, and they own nothing in excess of what they need, then they are still a minimalist.


Minimalists will often spend more on quality items, since they reduce the quantity of things that they own and buy. They think carefully about their purchasing decisions, buying things that will last them years, or even a lifetime. For this reason minimalists are often treading lighter on the planet since they are using less of our precious world's resources: one of my favourite reasons for being a minimalist.


Minimalism allows me to have the freedom to work less, travel more often and spend my money, energy and time on experiences rather than things. Since adopting a minimalist mindset I have also found that my priorities are all in order and I am sure of the things I want to spend my time doing. When you think of minimalism broadly (not just as a style) you can apply it to all aspects of your life, minimising your commitments and time spent on things that aren't important to you. In a physical sense, I also love living in a space that is clutter free; its so spacious and peaceful, and super easy to clean!

I believe that adopting minimalism, prioritising how you spend your precious energy and releasing yourself free from the consumerist trap, is essential to living a happy life. I would love to help you (and maybe even your whole family) to live a life of less stuff and more experiences.

I hope you gain something valuable from my site and I would love to know what you think :) Signing up will enable you to add comments and connect with other members.

A parting message:

Follow your dreams, whatever they may be, especially if they aren't conventional :)

Carlotta x

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