Ethical Princess


Hello ethical princesses!

My name is Carlotta (known by most as Lottie).


My worldly history: I was born in Australia, grew up in England, spent most of my free time (and money) traveling the world in my late teens and twenties and at the moment live in New Zealand with my hubby (next location: to be decided).

I'm currently working as a primary school teacher but am trying to uncover opportunities to make a career change that can take me out of the classroom and into the sustainability world of work!

In my personal life I try to be as ethical as I can. I care deeply about the state our planet is in and the mistreatment of vulnerable people around the world as a result of our demand for 'stuff'. I choose to eat plant based to reduce my carbon footprint and impact on animals, I try to be as zero waste as I can and I buy ethical as much as possible. I am also wary of chemicals in our everyday beauty and household products so I use natural and homemade products only, in my home and on my skin.

I have so much to share about making ethical life choices, becoming more minimalist and creating your best life that I thought I just had to give this whole blogging thing a go! 

I hope you enjoy the site 💖

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